Year of Painting

My Year of painting has been pretty disrupted, a Trip back to Australia in March that ended up being 6 weeks, took pretty much all the wind out of my sails.  I really didn’t get painting again until I started this blog.   I was lacking some motivation, and really this blog provided me with goals that I should keep to.  I find deadlines always help me get stuff finished.

The Blog it’s self is a really good tool for me to get my work out there, I enjoy painting, and so I can show off to a wider community, I hope that I am producing some good work for people to look at.  If there is anything people want me to explain more drop me a message, I know my writing is not the best I am also working on that, It is good to get back in to working on some weakness that I have.

So on too what I have completed, what misses, what hit’s and what I am looking forward to

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1/600th Ultramodern Marines

I am very lucky to know some amazing former US Marines, some of which server on Sea Kings and later on V-22 Osprey’s.  So in an Ode to them I have painted up an ultra Modern Marine force for Hind Commander.  I have completed the air part of the task force, the ground part of the task force is next.



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Painting the Rubicon Models Panzer III

Painting the Rubicon Models Panzer III, has been pretty easy, the model it’s self was a pleasure to put together and painting is no different.

undercoat on Rubicon Models Panzer III

I am going to go through the process I use to paint tanks and some other larger models, I do use a Modulation Style to begin with.  Then I will get into the details.

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Rubicon Models Panzer III

Rubicon Models Panzer III arrived on my desk a short while ago.  I have been keen to see how these go together, for my DAK force some Panzer III’s are always welcome.   There is a lot of very happy people out in the community raving about these models. Now that I have received my order I can get to and put it together.

Rubicon Models 1/56 Scale Panzer III

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