Rubicon Models Panzer III

Rubicon Models Panzer III arrived on my desk a short while ago.  I have been keen to see how these go together, for my DAK force some Panzer III’s are always welcome.   There is a lot of very happy people out in the community raving about these models. Now that I have received my order I can get to and put it together.

Rubicon Models 1/56 Scale Panzer III

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Land of the Free

Land of the Free wars from 1754 until 1815 in North America, I have looked forward to Land of the Free since I got told about this rule set coming out a while ago.  I have a soft spot for all things colonial.  Back home I would love a decent set of ideas for the Eureka Stockade (1854).  So the  wars between France and England in North America leading into the War of 1812,  even the war against Mexico hold a lot of interest for me, the Rule set of Land of the Free does cover the period from 1754 until 1815 in North America.

Land of the Free.Vis3A-2

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Robotech Tactics kickstarter unboxing

Finally the fabled Robotech kickstarter has arrived, well wave 1 has at least.  I have a number of friends back in Melbourne wondering if they will ever see anything in return for the mountains of coin they shelled out.    Unfortunately I think retailers in Australia will get retail product before the kick-starter backers will.


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28mm WW2 Painting Round Up

My 28mm WW2 Painting, has been going along at a rapid rate.  This Blog has kept me motivated for the short term, I hope it will do the same for the long term.  Of course because I only post here every 3-4 days, I am finishing stuff well before they get posted. So to catch up here is a round up of finished pieces.

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Rolljordan Necromantic Fantasy Football Team

I have had mixed success with Kickstarters over the last couple of years. With slow turn around on Relic Knights and well we all know about the delay’s that Robotech has had, but this past week I received my Rolljordan Nectomantic Fantasy Team.

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