Monthly Archives: February 2015

Down Time

There have been a a lot of DDoS attacks on my servers over the last few weeks, this has led to there being a lot of down time on the site.  Sorry if there has been any inconvenience, I have looked at all the options I can to prevent this in the future, I have…

Paint Problems

Paint Problems, we have all had them.  I get them often enough that I thought I might do a post about them.  In this case my problems came up while painting the Bolt Action transports.  

Flock Box

Flock Box is a great tool, those people out there that do Scale Rail modeling will have seen similar products by Noch etc.  essentially we charge “Static Grass” and put a opersite charge on the miniature and base.  This causes the grass to “Jump” on to the base, where we have hopefully applied glue.    …

Warlord’s German Halftrack

Warlord’s German Halftrack the SD.KFZ 251/1 Ausf C has just landed on my desk and I get to put to it together and do a review, paint it up and make it all pretty and stuff