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Adepticon 2015 part 2

Adepticon 2015 part 2, I played in two comps  Epic Armageddon, and Bolt Action Tank Wars.   Both were a lot of fun, I have known the Epic Community here in the US for a long time, but until now I had never made the time to play with them.           As…

Adepticon 2015 part 1

Adepticon 2015 part 1, I finally have time to sit down and write about my experiences. I finally got to be a con attendee and just spend time walking around talking to people who allow us to experience events like this.   I did a lot over the four days of the con so this is…

Adepticon Preview

Adepticon Preview Adepticon is just a week out, I have almost finished all my painting.  Or at least I would have if everything had arrived. I missed last year so this year I am really looking forward to Adepticon again.

Portable Warfare™ The Sergeant

Portable Warfare™ The Sergeant carry bag.  One thing that gamer’s use a lot of are containers for storage, Bags for travel,  we like to keep our toys safe and in good order.   This is the 2nd Portable Warfare™ bag I have purchased, I also have other brands but these fit the bill for some light  travel…

DAK Transports are finally finished.

DAK Transports are finally finished. I had been holding off sending or posting photos of some of these because I needed time to finish them all, this competes what I need for Adpeticon Bolt Action Tank wars. It all looks good so I am pretty happy.