Monthly Archives: May 2015

Kingston Kup

I missed last weeks post, living in a hotel is not conducive to getting stuff to write about, but we have found a house and not it is back on the important stuff, gaming… Kingston Kup is a Flames of war comp held down in Tasmania, they boys down in Hobart put on a comp…


X-Wing is possibly the fastest growing Collectible Miniatures Games I will ever see. I am not a fan of pre-painted collectible miniatures. Thus far I have avoided getting into the game. Fantasy Flight Games (thanks for the logo too) have done an incredible job with the star wars universe, I am a star wars fan…

Moving Day

Moving day is here, and this is my last post from my time in the US.   Getting ready to move back has been a whirlwind, the house goes into a container on Wednesday and I wont see anything of this again until it arrives in six to eight weeks in Australia.