This week in gaming.

This week in gaming has been pretty huge. This past week we have seen GW move on from rank and file pitched battles of a Fantasy Genre,  I have finally got all my stuff from the US and have a very messy studio/office setup, Robotech RPG Tactics is asking people if they want the next installment of mini’s out side of the Kickstarter that has not been delivered to be in a different scale, more kickstarters out there, and finally companies are starting to release gencon teasers of stuff being released at Gencon. Continue reading “This week in gaming.”

Old Games Revived

Old Games revived, sometimes they are revived because they are good systems that you just needed a break from, sometimes nostalgia, and sometimes because the game went from a wild power creep to something else.


Enter Malifaux, the knights had some encouragement but some have gone back to look at the game.

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Flames of War Tournament Wrapup

We just had two tournaments in two weeks, while at the same time there was also a tournament in Sydney, which none of us went to.

We will start of in Tassie, with the Kingston Kup in the middle of a Tasmanian winter, and finish with Badgercon, where the lads from Bendigo held a series of tournaments for their clubs open day.

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Unpacking is normally a thankless task when moving, but for me I have found stuff I couldn’t remember I had.   After living in a hotel for the first two weeks of being back in Aus, we finally found a house and moved straight in, we didn’t want to stay any more time than necessary in a hotel.  It has just been over a week now since we got everything out of storage, and it is a pretty good feeling to be moved in.

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