Pond’s add an interesting feature to any gaming table, in game terms they vary between game, some Infantry can enter but not tanks and stuff. so the use of them is as much as for area denial as well as a feature a cleaver commander can use to aid themselves in the mission on hand.


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3D Printer’s

3D Printer’s have come a long way in recent times, not only that but they are becoming more accessible.  Now there are many company’s producing 3D printer’s, many more selling them, but you had to go looking for them, there were not too many in stores where you might frequent.  Being a gamer and modeler, big box hardware stores see a lot of visits, so how long is it going to be until a company that  hardware stores know, product a 3D Printer.



Recently I was in an Australian big box hardware store, and saw this in the Tool shop.  Welcome to the market Dremel.

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