More Terrain

More Terrain, yep I have been flat out building and painting terrain, why cause I really couldn’t be stuffed with painting minis for the moment.  So while I lack the motivation for Mini’s I have worked on some terrain.  This is more a dump of everything I have not done in a full post.  So there are a few pieces in here that over all look great and I want to see how they look on the table.


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MK1881 Ares Blood bowl Team

MK1881 did a kick starter for the Ares Blood bowl team, I want to say around a year ago, I recently dipped the toe back in to commission painting.  One of the members of the Melbourne Blood Bowl League had this team and really wants to play with it, however it was not painted.   Being a fantastic looking team I took the commission.


Full Team

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Blood Bowl Chaos Team

Blood Bowl was one of those easy to get into games, it is good fun, however Games Workshop have dumped the game, along with all other non core games, what we are left with is a Living Rule book, and unlike some of the other specialist games that change alot over a short period of time, Blood Bowl is quite stable, the Teams don’t change much, and everybody plays with the same teams as everybody else, no country has it’s own teams.  Because it is being played in leagues around the work the development of teams is tested by alot of people in different ways, it makes for a community that works together.  But really it is the mini’s that are great now, there are a long list of kickstarters out there that have produced teams, and if you are lucky or have enough “spare part” you might just have some old Chaos players made by Games Workshop…



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