2016 Goals

2016 Goals, I thought that I would start this year off with my goals for 2016.  So I welcome everybody back for 2016 I hope this year is better than last. Setting goals I hope to achieve means I have something to look back on at the end of the year. Last year I wrote them down on paper and kept it by the painting desk, this lead to me loosing it when moving back to Australia.


Say what you might, if you make your goals too big it wont happen, remember this is a hobby to most of us, we have things like family, friends and life in general that keep us distracted.  Being a hobby that means that we only have spare time to put towards this, that means we just don’t have a full day to put towards every goal.  Who wants to turn something we are meant to enjoy in to work anyway.

So my 2016 Goals are more about getting stuff done that will get on a table at some point.

  1. Blood bowl teams
    1. Norse Team
    2. Chaos Team
  2. Field of Glory 28mm British (Napoleonic’s)
    1. 95th Rifles
    2. Highlander Line infantry
    3. Redcoat Infantry
  3. Land of the Free (American War of Independence)
    1. American Continental Infantry Unit
  4. Wrath of Kings
    1. Nasier Start Box
  5. Get back in too weekly Posts

That is what my primary goals are, I am sure things will come up though out the year and I will do other projects like most years.  This year I am staying away from any 15mm goals, I have a lot of 15mm to paint, but I think I would like to avoid this as much as possible at this point, I am a little 15mm’ed out as it were.

I don’t think this is too much Most of these are only 10-25 or so models per goal, so it is not really that much, If I get through this quickly I might looks at some new 2016 Goals, but as a start I think this is it.

Aside from my 2016 Goals, I have some other plans, I will do some new reviews on models when I get hold of them, and I will also do some other gaming product reviews, my aim to find the worlds best beer will continue, and I will try to get to more gaming events across Melbourne this year.  My coverage from Cancon will start on the Saturday morning, I will Instagram and tweet stuff out across the day, I might even sit down and talk to some of the vendors that make some of the great games we all love, I might even get together with other bloggers and do a mini round table, all just ideas right now but there is a meet up of Aussie bloggers at Cancon so it should not be too hard to get some thing to happen.


More details can be found on The Man Cave Blog.

I am also looking forward to a few new things out there,

  1. Robotech Wave 2 (ok that is a joke I don’t ever expect to see this)
  2. Drop Fleet Commander
  3. Flames of War Pacific

I think that if the rules for Dropzone commander are anything to go by then Drop fleet will be great. I want to see where Battle front are going with Flames in the Pacific, the game is a very good game, it is just a matter of getting back into it, this might be the catalyst or it might not be, I guess we wait and see.

So with around 19 or so Days before Cancon I hope the painting goes well, I fully expect my paint to be still wet on the flight between Melbourne and the Nations capital.

So what are your gaming goals for 2016?  have you set some, or are just winging it?