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Alban Miniatures v Warlord Miniatures 95th Rifles

Napoleonic Miniatures

Alban Miniatures recently went back to being a private collection again after being on the general market for some time, they made a whole range Napoleonic figures in 1/56th scale (28mm). So the only thing to do is look at the Alban Miniatures beside the Warlord Miniatures for the same unit.   So I choose…

Face Lift version Infinity

There has again been a face lift, and while I joke that it is Version Infinity, there really has been that many versions that just didn’t cut it.  To tell the truth this version I am not happy with either, I could go looking for the perfect version, or do it myself, neither of which…

French Corner shop

The French Corner Shop is by a company out of Perth, in Western Australia.   Called JTC Laser-cutting and Design.  It is a quite an attractive building, and being an Aussie startup I should support them.     It is a good looking building.  and will look great with some furniture inside of it as…


It was tough to find a suitable BA-64 for Bolt Action, but I found a 1/48 Kit in a model store, I got it and built it.

Warlord Games Soviet SU-76

I got hold of a Warlord Games, Soviet SU-76, this is pretty handy for the Soviet force for Bolt Action I am building for an upcoming tournament, as a filler army.