Bolt Action Army Verdict

My Bolt Action Army played well in the VBAL last weekend, it however could of been better, I did sink a lot of points in to two anti-tank guns that could have been better used.  The season 3 dot net changes also meant that some weapons are not as effective as they once were.

Above is the best painted army of the day, The Fins have come to play.


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Victorian Bolt Action League

The Victorian Bolt Action League held by the Bolt Action Alliance crew, kicks off today with 1250 point comp at Games Lab in Melbourne, and I am there, with my DAK.


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Post Cancon Report

My Post Cancon Report.

Cancon is over for another year, was good to get back to an Aussie con,  unfortunately this year, I didn’t get any time to go around and talk to anybody, or take photo’s or really do anything fun.

As it turned out Blood bowl took a lot longer than I had thought. in-between games I was just trying to recover enough before the next game.

That said I had 8 great games against people I have never played, and really at a con that is pretty good.  Blood Bowl was right next to Crystal Dragon, there were some fantastic paint jobs there, look out for some of those Hatchlings over the next few years, they have some talent that will only grow.

I did miss the Bloggers meetup I would have liked to meet some people but it was just a bad timing thing, I still had to recover from the day before and had the first BB game I was not in a good place, plus I had to get my Entry for Crystal Dragon sorted.

The demo games I did see looked good, the 3mm Cold War gone hot was out but I didn’t get to see much, and I didn’t get to do any shopping either.

On Saturday you could hardly move, that is the most people I have seen at cancon on any single day I can remember. Hopefully that turns to bums on seats in the future.

Blood bowl for me was a new experience, it was great to play at cancon, everybody was fantastic. some great banter in between turns so in all a great experienced, I finished towards to bottom, my poor team got pounded in the first two games and never recovered, that is a risk you run with low AV teams.

Was great catching up with everybody that I have not seen in a while and hope to see them all again soon.

SO Post Cancon I have taken a touch of time away from painting, I will get back in to it now, I have many projects I want to get on to. I also really want to get into the projects I have.  I need to finish the rest of the Blood Bowl teams I have.