A Year in Review

A Year in Review, and what a year it has been, I get to look back at the year and see what we have done, and where we are going.   Firstly it has been a long year, much has happened.  At the start of the year we didn’t really know where we would be by June, then along came Bane of War which was fantastic, I am sad that I will miss this next year. Adepticon which I will miss next year again I am pretty sad to miss this, it is a great Con and you have to go to it.  Then we moved back to Aus in May, and I traveled down to Hobart for a Flames comp, that was a load of fun.

In July we had our own Flames comp, then all of sudden here we are, late December. The move was hard, I didn’t have any paints for nearly 6 weeks, that slowed a lot down, in fact I slowed down this year, the list of stuff I painted was great for the first part of the year, then after we moved it slowed down.

DropZone Commander: GunWagons: Compete
DropZone Commander: AH-16 Cyclone: Compete
DropZone Commander: Battle Buses: Compete
Knight Models: Deadpool : Complete
Bolt Action: Kublewagon x 2: Complete
Bolt Action: Half Track : Complete
Bolt Action: Field car :Complete
Flames of War: Tiger II Company command (E75 & Lowe) : Complete
Flames of War: Tiger II Platoon : Complete
Flames of War: Panther Platoon :Complete
Flames of War: Puma Platoons x3 : complete
Flames of War: Jadgtiger :complete
Epic: Eldar: Complete
Flames of War: Panzer Lehr Platoon : Complete
28mm Graveyard for Bolt Action or any other 28mm game
DBA: 12 Stands of Romans done
Blood Bowl: 16 Piece Khorne Team in 28mm

Although do have alot of terrain that is not here, but still this is not exactly the best list I could have completed, moving finding time to paint was pretty hard, I even had to slow down blog content simply because I didn’t have anything to put down.   My goal list only had three things on it, I didn’t compete any of them.  So with the A year in review done, I start to look forward to next year.

First of all we have Cancon, I am playing Bloodbowl right now, there are a few players signed up, but space is filling and people really have to start getting sorted earlier, Games for Adpeticon are already full and they are 5 months away from starting, Cancon is 30 days away and some games only have 5 or 6 players.   I have to paint a team for Cancon, I have most of it sorted that I want to take, I just need to paint it, I have deadline so that should help.


Shape (yeah I let this one slip, a touch early I was doing the back ground for the post, he is nearly done then I will post) – Crystal Dragon Entry
Bloodbowl Team for cancon
Commission Bloodbowl Team
Chaos Bloodbowl team for MBBL

Yep that is for Jan only.  So I will be working hard on this.

I have a couple of projects that I want to start next year as well.

  1. 28mm AWI Americans, I have had the figures for a long time just need to start painting them.
  2.  28mm British Napoleonic army again had them for far to long really need to paint them
  3. FOG:R Spanish see above.

I think that is enough on the goals and I will see what happens after that.

Well that is it for this year, I wish everybody and happy and safe holidays I will see you all on the 2nd week of Jan for my next post.