About Floppy



I am known by many names, but most people just call me Floppy. This is a little more about Floppy.

I have played many different games for well over 20 years, I cut my teeth on Battle Tech and old Space marine Epic, and have played every game that I have been exposed to since.

In 2012 I moved from Melbourne Australia, to San Diego USA, I have had the chance to experience loads of gaming, however there has been a slow down, I still get to a number of con’s and competitions a year but the days of getting to them all when I was in Australia, are far gone.

I have and do play alot of games not limited to  Flames of War,  Bolt Action, WHFB, WH40K, Epic, Bloodbowl, Mordhiem, Full Thrust, Urban War, The Uncharted Seas, AE-WWII, Star Wars Miniatures, War at Sea, DBx, FoG (all types), BattleTech, Malifaux, Saga, General Quarters, Ronin,  and more yet that I care to remember. I have un-played rule sets in my Kindle and on my book shelves. There is no right or wrong scale or rule set they all have a place, and I wont tell somebody what is best, but that everybody has a choice to make.

Now with the lack of gaming out side of gaming stores where I am located, I have to reach out side the box, so I produce this blog, all about me and what I am working on and what I think.  I will be mainly focusing on keeping me painting I have a habit of procrastinating, so the motivation making sure I reach deadlines for a Blog is important, other wise the mountain of unpainted stuff will drown me.

Digital gaming I have been doing a very long time, I have seen many great games come and go, from old text-based and ascii games in the early 80’s to the current HD games we have, I get most through steam now, it is just easier, and as I upgrade PC’s very often it is nice to have a digital repository that you can call upon to get everything reinstalled.

I am a big FPS fan and the Call of Duty line I have played alot, but I have cycles where I go through different games, genre’s etc.  Currently I am back in to Neverwinter, also on the deck are Starwars TOR, Star Trek, etc. I am not going to list them all far too many games, so I have cycle through them, and there are some great titles coming out soon, so lots to keep me going, however it does come at a cost of painting, so I do have to manage time better.

Other interest’s I have is the craft beer scene, we all have our vices this is one of many of mine, being on the west coast I have access to many a brew.  I was introduced to craft beer over in Mid west Saint Paul/Minneapolis, it was great, so I keep in touch with what is happening in the craft brew scene.  Although I wont blog about this you can keep up with what I am up to in uptapped.