The Amazing Deadpool

The Amazing Deadpool, was an episode of season 2, the Amazing Spiderman.   This Amazing deadpool however is by Knight Models.   While Deadpool is from the Marvel Universe, Knight Models first game was for Batman.  There may well be some rules coming for Marvel universe characters.


If you can get the rules for free from the above website.

Deadpool is one character I really like. the sarcasm and 4th wall stuff is great,  I do wounder how this is going to work in game, but that is a discussion for another time perhaps.

The model is really nice, didn’t require alot of cleaning, only a small number of part lines and that was it.  Great lines for painting so here is a teaser Pic, I will do some more later, but am time poor.


I will be getting some more mini’s by Knight Models, to add to this collection.  I did really enjoy painting this model.