That is a Wrap

The end is neigh

After a little discussion with the gaming group, Monday Knights, we have decided that we are going to roll all our single blogs in to a collective.

This should make it easier for more people to do a few posts and keep the content fresh and new. Plus it doesn’t rely on one person to do all the work we have a whole club to help.

So where is this mystical web thingie….

head over to:

I will soon migrate all this content over and then shut down the blog here. Been fun, but with little time to myself it is far easier to have a team do parts of the work and free up my time.


Romans, yep, Romans….

I have finally gotten paint on the Romans that I purchased back on 2007. I bought the army for Field of Glory, after looking at DBM back in the day and well.. hating the type player that played it, FoG was a real change of pace.


We all love a Roman army right?

then I might have gone overboard….

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Alban Miniatures v Warlord Miniatures 95th Rifles

Alban Miniatures recently went back to being a private collection again after being on the general market for some time, they made a whole range Napoleonic figures in 1/56th scale (28mm). So the only thing to do is look at the Alban Miniatures beside the Warlord Miniatures for the same unit.   So I choose the 95th Rifles as the miniatures that I will look at.



Both Warlord Games and Alban Miniatures make figures for the 95th rifles, and I do enjoy the 95th rifles, it had to be done.

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French Corner shop

The French Corner Shop is by a company out of Perth, in Western Australia.   Called JTC Laser-cutting and Design.  It is a quite an attractive building, and being an Aussie startup I should support them.



It is a good looking building.  and will look great with some furniture inside of it as well.

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