That is a Wrap

The end is neigh

After a little discussion with the gaming group, Monday Knights, we have decided that we are going to roll all our single blogs in to a collective.

This should make it easier for more people to do a few posts and keep the content fresh and new. Plus it doesn’t rely on one person to do all the work we have a whole club to help.

So where is this mystical web thingie….

head over to:

I will soon migrate all this content over and then shut down the blog here. Been fun, but with little time to myself it is far easier to have a team do parts of the work and free up my time.


Romans, yep, Romans….

I have finally gotten paint on the Romans that I purchased back on 2007. I bought the army for Field of Glory, after looking at DBM back in the day and well.. hating the type player that played it, FoG was a real change of pace.


We all love a Roman army right?

then I might have gone overboard….

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Who new a US Civil War game about the navys of the time could become a cult classic, well ok it became a Monday Knight Classic, mainly because of the hours of pleasure that we have had picking on this game, but that is Riverboats.



That said a game of Hammerin’ Iron finally happened and I was there to witness what can only be called Riverboats!.

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Lighting and Photography

While I lived in the US and started this blog, I have been slowly working on my photography skills, part of that is the lighting I use to take photo’s for this blog.  I was lucky enough early on to get some pointers from Dave Talyor who at that time and most likely still does was taking photo’s for War Games Illustrated (Along with everything else he does).  While at a Battle Front hosted Flames of War GT, I got to get some tips, stuff to get me going.  So very handy and I have slowly been progressing in my ability’s. But I was finding that unless I go into photoshop all my images were just a little too dark, this is where the lighting comes in.

So I went shopping.

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