X-Wing is possibly the fastest growing Collectible Miniatures Games I will ever see. I am not a fan of pre-painted collectible miniatures. Thus far I have avoided getting into the game.

Fantasy Flight Games (thanks for the logo too) have done an incredible job with the star wars universe, I am a star wars fan I have watched all the movies, played all the computer games, even have a number of toons in the Star Wars The Old Republic all maxed out of course.  Then there are the miniature games.

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The Amazing Deadpool

The Amazing Deadpool, was an episode of season 2, the Amazing Spiderman.   This Amazing deadpool however is by Knight Models.   While Deadpool is from the Marvel Universe, Knight Models first game was for Batman.  There may well be some rules coming for Marvel universe characters.


If you can get the rules for free from the above website.

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Adepticon 2015 is coming, rapidly, just weeks to go.  March 19th – 22nd.



Adepticon is huge, the first time I went, I was blown away with the size of it. This year it has moved to a bigger and better venue, I am keen to see it all again and get some games in.

This year I am avoiding Flames of War, I am a little over that game, even though I had a great time at the last event, I am over it.  I also have not had a chance to play everybody that is online in different forums, that play other games, so this year I am playing in Epic Armageddon and Bolt Action Tank Wars.

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