Painting the Rubicon Models Panzer III

Painting the Rubicon Models Panzer III, has been pretty easy, the model it’s self was a pleasure to put together and painting is no different.

undercoat on Rubicon Models Panzer III

I am going to go through the process I use to paint tanks and some other larger models, I do use a Modulation Style to begin with.  Then I will get into the details.

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Warlord Games Panzer IIc

What I have finished.

I have been working on a Warlord Games Panzer IIc for Bolt Action.

The Warlord Games Panzer IIc I have is a resin model with left and right Track,  Hull, and Turret. with metal Barrels for the MG and 2cm main-gun.

Overall the quality is fantastic.  I wish I had of started this blog back when I was first cleaning and assembling it, for photos.   Like with all resin models I get I clean with warm soapy water to remove any mold release and other residue from casting, then dry fit everything before I start with paint.

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