Flames of War Tournament Wrapup

We just had two tournaments in two weeks, while at the same time there was also a tournament in Sydney, which none of us went to.

We will start of in Tassie, with the Kingston Kup in the middle of a Tasmanian winter, and finish with Badgercon, where the lads from Bendigo held a series of tournaments for their clubs open day.

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Kingston Kup

I missed last weeks post, living in a hotel is not conducive to getting stuff to write about, but we have found a house and not it is back on the important stuff, gaming…

Kingston Kup is a Flames of war comp held down in Tasmania, they boys down in Hobart put on a comp each year and the Monday Knights normally send down a group to catch up with friends, and play some games against people we normally don’t get a chance too. This year is no different, and this year I am making the time to go down and play as well.

For the most part I was going to play an easy transport army, but the comp this year requires many different lists.

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