DAK Infantry Squads

The DAK Infantry Squads are finally complete.  I needed a lot of motivation to finish these two but they are done. It is not like they were not nice to paint, they are Perry Mini’s it is just I really lacked the want to finish them.

DAK Squads


These last two squads make up 3 Infantry squads I have, I think I have to open the other box of Perry’s and put together some more LMG’s just so I can have enough to go around.


squad 2

These are two identical squads, with extra’s just incase I need them, or choose to swap somethings out.


Squad 3


The Perry’s are nice to paint, however I really need to get back in to painting faces, I am not really happy with the work I have done there.  I am more out of practice with that than I thought.  too much time painting 15mm stuffs I think.   Over the next month or so I need to work on that.  I did most of the uniforms using a 2 Brush method, I am not really good with this yet and I am working on it, it is far faster than I thought, and the blending you can achieve is very nice. All the decals on the helmets are free hand painted.


I still have a little of the Perry kit to go, I have a light mortar and an Anti Tank Rifle.  I will get these painted up quickly I hope they could be rather useful.  I also have some Man Packed Flame throwers that I really should paint at some point as well.