First Birthday

Has it been a year already?   It is time for a First Birthday celebration.


Yep clearly a borrowed Picture from the internet….

It has been an interesting first year, I have moved countries, done gaming, painting and enjoyed life.  I hope that this will continue for a while yet, but for now I have made a year, with nearly a post a week, which is not bad far more than I thought that I would do of one every month or so.

The next year I am looking forward to a few thing namely Cancon and well summer, I have not had a summer for a whole year it is time to get some sun, throw some dice and put paint to plastic and white metal.

I have a plan of how I want this blog to progress over the next year, and I really hope that I can do that, but as ever somethings change and sometimes life happens as last week when I missed doing a post.

See you next week

What is on the desk

I have a commission Blood Bowl team.  as well as two other blood bowl teams for myself.