Floppy’s best of Beer

Floppy’s best of Beer, with 2015 over I thought I would like to revisit my 2nd hobby craft beer, or to put it as the Good Beer Club put it, thanks to craft beer for making my drinking problem look like an adorable hobby.  My problem here is in 2015 I went from drinking west coast IPA’s in the US to drinking Aussie craft beers, I went from drinking San Diego beers in San Diego Breweries to drinking at pubs and bars in Australia, so to compare to the two experiences are very hard. Also Australian craft beers have a very different identity and profile, I know some say American Style IPA or something, but the simple thing is in the US not all IPA’s are the same, every region has it’s own identity and each make great beers, but all very different.


So here we go Floppy’s best of Beer.

If you follow me on untapped I do post there when I have a new beer, or at least new to me. It is also there for me to catalog what beers I should get if I come across them again for others to try.

My best beer experience, well there are two of them from this year. Both were in San Diego both were in Miramar breweries, the first is Mike Hess Brewery,  Sitting in the Warm sun on an afternoon drinking fantastic beer, good people to talk too, that makes part of the experience, the rest is beer and the brewer’s them selves suggesting what to try telling you what they love about what they do, Mike Hess’s two sites in San Diego were both like this but I found the Miramar location slightly better, smaller and well I could walk home.   The best beer here (and there are just a few to try) Habitus Double India Pale Ale, it is strong, has a lot of Hop, nice Amber colour really a great beer, the entire range is good but this one I went back for more than once.

The second experience was Intergalactic Brewing Company. Now as the name suggests if you are in to any Scifi culture at all, this place may have some references to it, Again the brewery is small and located near Miramar, and while it is a bit longer of a walk I could walk home.  I was introduced to this brewery by a colleague of my wife. There are again a lot of beers to choose from Honorable mentions here go to ‘That’s no moon -Triple IPA’, and ‘Space Oasis – Coconut Porter’ and the list experimental beers they have and when they were brewed on the chalk board, all with a lot of scifi pop culture references, but the beer that really stood out was the ‘Red Planet -Rye’  it’s dark red, a fair bit of hop but not to the Triple IPA level, and heavy, really great beer.  Strangely I found this to be a really good experience.

Honorable mention to Mission Brewery that was a fantastic place to go, the shipwrecked IPA was fantastic on tap at the tasting room.

It should be mentioned that I walked past Green Flash Brewery daily, I often ate at Ballast Point, Karl Strauss, Stone and many others, I could walk to some 14 or so breweries, now of course there are more, I did get to taste a lot of good beer never a bad one in there, some I like more than others however.

The best beers I got to try however were not always part of being in the tasting rooms of these breweries, Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA for instance was fantastic, and there are many more that were as well, some of the label art work was insane, but I have four beers that I found most memorable last year.

Hopsickle by Moylan’s Brewery a Triple IPA from Northern California
Savant IPA by Elysian Brewing again an IPA not as strong as the Hopsickle
Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Company, a very nice stout indeed
Single Hop IPA – Ella by Bridge Road Brewers, yep an Aussie beer, really good Hop flavor and aroma, this was in a pack of single hop beers, really good stuff.

A Honorable mention has to go to Pirate Life from South Australia, they make a great Double IPA, it was a close toss up between which I liked more.

There are of course more beers that from aus that I am really getting into, both Pirate Life and Bridge Road have a good range, then there is La Sirène, Cavalier Brewing, Dainton Family Brewing and many more they all make very different and very good beers, there are so many more beers to try.

This year I am going to get to some of tasting rooms these breweries have and really try to get more crafty beers in to my fridge.

Well that is Floppy’s best of Beer, for last year, lets see where this year brings in terms of new beers I am looking forward to it, and starting with a trip to our nations capital, Canberra lets see what beers we can get there.


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