Happy 2015!

HAPPY 2015!…..


Ok now that the formalities are out of the way, lets look at what has gone on, over the last 11 or so days.

Christmas gifts….

Well my family wont buy me stuff for gaming, because well…. I tend to do…
















Yep I don’t leave much room for my family to get me anything, whether it be gaming stuff or not.  I have been told I am hard to buy for, being somebody that partakes in Adult beverages, well I am sure we all know where those stores are.  But I am told to save enough to get myself something for christmas after I have gotten the family something…

This year I invested in:

American War of Independence, I will be basing everything for Tomahawks and muskets with round bases, but with the ability to plug into a rectangle base for regimental actions, like Land of the Free.

DropZone Commander: Resistance.   I got some Helicopters, and Battle bus’s.

Infinity:  I got the new starter box for the Combined army, I have the old starter box painted back in Melbourne but this is just plain nice had to get it.

Batman Miniature Game: Deadpool.   I had resisted this game until this came out.  Technically being Marvel it can’t be used against batman or with him, but I had to get deadpool.

Epic Armageddon: Eldar…  This is the only Games Workshop game I still play, something about massive games of titans and all that, I have spent coin like nothing else on Ebay as the game is no longer supported.  Why cause I choose to play Epic at Adepticon, and I have more armies in storage in Melbourne that I care to remember, cause I didn’t bring a single one to the US.

I have lots of projects, on the go I never set a dead line for the first post after the short break I have had over the holiday season, so this is the first.

While on posting break I have started many projects, agreed and paid for extra games at Adepticon, then realised then panicked, once I realised what I had done.  If somebody were to walk into my office now it would look like a hurricane had been in it, as there are more started and unfinished project’s on every surface, more empty shipping boxes full of goodies that have arrived in the last 10 days.    Looks like you know what I will be doing over the next two days, cleaning… sigh…..

 Gaming News over the last Two weeks.

Firstly lets start with EU news.

New laws for ecommerce, and digital content sales, have seen some gameing companys close down or limit online sales, It is sad but was bound to happen, with Amazon, Google and apple able to sell direct to tables and bypass tax laws it was going to happen, the kick on effect is some e-stores have totally shutdown, which is sad, as we have been in a world of being able to purchase anything from anywhere in the world, the gobal economey was working to a degree for small and producers and consumers a like, the problem is that Brick and mortar stores were being left out of the equation.

3D Printing.

We are very lucky that we have some techs close at hand, the laser cutting tool for terrain, and 3D printing.  I see more people doing things on shapeways for gaming, it is going to become and big thing, Some of the home 3D printing machines are fantastic and getting cheap we are going to see more people being able to produce more for games.  It is a win win for talanted sculpters and us consumers.  The loss is people are going to have to fight companies protecting IP and such.. I say licence you IP out, make a little $ on the side.   surely there has to be some benifits, you may even find some great sculpters, designers, and game writers that will help in the future.


With Disney taking over the Starwars Franchise, we see Darkhorse Comics hand back the comic licence to Marvel.   I enjoyed Darkhorse doing Starwars comic’s, and interested to see what happens next.  For those that play X-Wing miniatures some of the miniatures and characters are not what is called Cannon, however they have found a place in peoples hearts and minds, Fantasy Flight do a great marketing job of the game, and I know people really like it.. I mean a lot.  This will be one franchise to watch in the future as there are price wars going on, within Amazon for Starwars: Armadar.  More importantly Asmodee Group have merged with Fantasy flight games, distribution can only increase, and do we have a group capable of contending with Hasbro?


I am not surprised to say that Australia has not seen nor hard of Robotech RPG Tactics kickstarter being delivered. What is sad for the backers of the kickstarter in Aus, is that the every game store has the robotech product.  Everybody was told that Aus retailer’s will not get it before backers.  well…..

Lets just say while the mini’s are ok, they are not the greatest, they can be salvaged, but why should they have to be. These were not deigned for plastics, people think that plastics are cheap to make. (lets just say that while people believe this I will never have to work in IT again)  Cause it is not cheap, nor is it easy, I had these frames broken down for me by somebody that works world-wide in the area of plastics manufacture and I was told so.

Not only that but everybody in Aus paid extra for delivery, and Palladium are still getting quotes, to ship to a distributer.  A distributer that has this product for sale to the public on it’s website.

Palladium do not understand the global economy nor how to manufacture stuff, and they never bothered to ask people who have this knowledge in plastics.  Best yet there are now rumors that we will not see wave two of product, as somebody that dropped a lot of coin on this I am not happy, but I refer to this blog  johnny borg castings This guy has had industry experience, and knows what he is doing, also strikes me as somebody that knows when he doesn’t know something and asks for help.   I urge a read it is very good.

I am not sure I am willing to back any miniatures any more.  Something I would urge all backers to look at.

Social Media.

There are too many to mention social media apps in the world, I use a number, Twitter, Facebook, google+, Path, tumbler, Tapped (for over 21’s, whom like adult beverages(in the US)), instagram etc..  I will do some blogging via these mediums in the future, I encourage you to follow me on them.  Adepticon and Bane of War, will be on these as well as the blog but we are talking live blog as compared to respective.


Well I said that I didn’t set dates, but I have now.  I am doing to change to a weekly update instead of every 4 days, so to seven days we go, I think a monday is best for me. Gives me time to write, edit twenty times before I get something resembling english out into the world.

The first thing I am going to do on Monday the 5th is Dropzone Commander, tis time I show what have been upto. Can not talk highly enough of Hawk wargames miniatures.

After that I do need to get some work done for Adepticon, but that is in march, so we will see what we can done.



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