King Tiger Platoon

A King Tiger Platoon is a great looking addition to any Flames of War army, I did already have these painted but I was not happy with them so I re-painted them.


The need to re-paint these came from one of my friends back in Melbourne is after a whole army of King Tigers for a comp in May.   I just happened to have some, but when I looked at them I was really really un-impressed with my work. So I sat down to re-paint the platoon. I also added in a Command section for this army, in the form of a Heer46 Lowe as 1iC and a Heer E-75 as the 2iC.

The Ambush theme is something I am carrying on from another army I did in the past, so I can add all these elements in to make a super German FoW army, that will most likely never see the table.









Yeah I am still playing with my light setting’s.











I have only two weeks left in the US, so I am now working on some JadgTiger and some bonus stuff.