Moving Day

Moving day is here, and this is my last post from my time in the US.   Getting ready to move back has been a whirlwind, the house goes into a container on Wednesday and I wont see anything of this again until it arrives in six to eight weeks in Australia.



I have had to purchase a lot of new foam for all the stuff that I have painted over the last two years, lucky for me the good people at Battle foam have consistently delivered to me, even the order I placed with only a small number of days to go, yet they got it too me, after in a Panic I realised that I may not see that foam as it can take up to two weeks to get it made, so a quick email, the Battle foam helped me out.

Packing up all my hobby supplies and un-painted mini’s and spare parts, is a tedious thing, I have way more stuff now than when I moved here, in part thanks to Kickstarters but more because I purchased alot of new game systems, and armies for everything while I was here.

What is packed up so far.

And that is only the start, I have far more to pack.

And yes the smaller plastic drawers are now empty.

Then there is the desk,


And this is only half of it, I have to find places for all this.

There is much to be done this will all be in a container come Wednesday and sailing to Aus at some point this week I hope.

My time here in the US has been great, I have meet lots of great people, played many great games, collect sooo much stuff.

That is it from the US, next post which I have to do next monday after getting off a plane from LAX to Aus, so I will tired grumpy, and jet lagged but it will be from Aus.

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