Moving forward.

Either we we are moving forward or deleting everything and seeing what happens after that.   I have decided on the former. Now is the time to do something with the blog.

List of things that have to happen.

  1. I was never happy with the look of new theme, I have to do something with this and quickly.
  2. Images, yep photobucket you are out, I need to put the images somewhere though.
  3. new content.

So where do I start.

The look and feel, is to say the least lacking it is not as attractive as I would like. I can do better.  So that is the first thing to fix.  It is something I will look in to now and get sorted out asap.

The photo’s thing that is going to be a pain, I have to go through every single article, and upload and link new photos.  That is going to be a time consuming task.

Content. I am going to do a single article a month, once a week was too much and I am not sure I can generate that much content.

Upcoming articles:

ADLG – L’Art de la Guerre

Blood bowl

and more

So now for me to get on and do everything.  What could possibly go wrong…….


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