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  • So I have been called out, seems I need to paint some the box of Perry American War of Independence Continental Infantry 1776-1783 which will do fine for the French Indian war’s as well as a bit of Land of the Free. I shall now have to push alot of other projects off the table and look at this one. I shall start as soon as I have recovered enough to concentrate to long periods. That will hopefully be soon.
    looks like I also have to improve my writing, Tyler has done a fantastic article here, I have enjoyed it, looking forward to the next installment.

    • Tyler Jefferson

      Well, thanks Floppy! It’s probably fair to point out to anyone reading that I work as my day job as an editor in Australia’s largest independent financial publisher. We do a couple of free daily newsletters, and some paid weekly newsletters with stock tips. So writing this one, I basically turned on “free publication mode” in my head, picked a game I know a lot about, and bashed it out in no time at all!

      And if you’re going to criticise your own writing compared to someone who does Editorial for a living, let’s not get into the comparison between your miniatures and mine! I’m quite proud of the paint jobs on my M&T stuff, but none of it matches up to the miniatures you’ve got pictured all over this blog.

      M&T covers the US revolution as well as the French Indian War, so those Continental Infantry will be perfect, mate. Looking forward to seeing how you paint them.

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