Face Lift version Infinity

There has again been a face lift, and while I joke that it is Version Infinity, there really has been that many versions that just didn’t cut it.  To tell the truth this version I am not happy with either, I could go looking for the perfect version, or do it myself, neither of which I have time for, so for now I will use this.  But I am looking forward to a Birthday face lift as well.

I think it is time to move away from the dark type shades  and add a little more colour in to the site.  So while I play with new things somewhere in the background I will continue to do posts and keep the beer flowing past my lips and gaming happening.

So what has been happening.

Terrain, terrain and more terrain, well to be precise buildings. I will do a round up post on them soon, There are far too many to do singly now. I am really impressed with all the houses and buildings that I have gotten over the last few months. All this as I gear up to put down a couple of Bolt Action tables.

Blood bowl yep lots of good old school blood bowl, and now that GW have a new version coming, I have been involved in a project with the NAF, giving some league management software a much needed face lift and doing some documentation and testing so it is simple enough for people to use.   There is always going to be more to do, but we are reaching towards the Version 1 Release Milestone at the end of june.  You can read more about that here .

I have been painting some Lizardmen for my current local league, I also have some Chaos in a different league going, that I really need to get on to painting, well finishing.

I also have Russians to paint as well…. sigh so much to do.

So there is loads more to come on the gaming front.

On the beer front, well we just had the Good Beer Week here in Melbourne and I got a chance to get along to a couple of events, They were a great showcase for some local brewers, and fantastic events all round. More on that at some point as well.

I guess that is it, no pics just words. Back to normal gaming stuff next week.



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