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Wargames Factory WW2 Russians

Wargames Factory WW2 Russians, were part of the Kickstarter package for WW2 Assault I looked at last week.  It has been a long time since I looked at the Wargames factory products as the last time they were very very bad. I am happy to say that I am very impressed with this product. It…

WW2 Assault Tactical skirmish Combat

WW2 Assault Tactical skirmish Combat, was a kickstarter that I backed late last year.  I was hoping that it would have been on time but it was not, however it was only 2 weeks delayed that is a win in my book.   It is a 28mm WWII Infantry combat game.

DAK 8.8cm Flak 36

The  8.8cm Flak 36, this models is by Blitzkrieg, the crew are Perry Brothers. There is great pleasure in working on great models.