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Alban Miniatures v Warlord Miniatures 95th Rifles

Napoleonic Miniatures

Alban Miniatures recently went back to being a private collection again after being on the general market for some time, they made a whole range Napoleonic figures in 1/56th scale (28mm). So the only thing to do is look at the Alban Miniatures beside the Warlord Miniatures for the same unit. ¬† So I choose…

Post Cancon Report

My Post Cancon Report. Cancon is over for another year, was good to get back to an Aussie con, ¬†unfortunately this year, I didn’t get any time to go around and talk to anybody, or take photo’s or really do anything fun. As it turned out Blood bowl took a lot longer than I had…

Richard Sharpe my Crystal Dragon Entry

Richard Sharpe is a fictional character by Bernard Cornwell, for the Sharpe series set within the Napoleonic Wars, all the way from India to after the wars in 1820. This series span off a TV series staring Sean Bean, named Sharpe. I have here an Andrea Miniature in 54mm scale of Sharpe, this is my…

Old Games Revived

Old Games revived, sometimes they are revived because they are good systems that you just needed a break from, sometimes nostalgia, and sometimes because the game went from a wild power creep to something else. Enter Malifaux, the knights had some encouragement but some have gone back to look at the game.