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Old Games Revived

Old Games revived, sometimes they are revived because they are good systems that you just needed a break from, sometimes nostalgia, and sometimes because the game went from a wild power creep to something else. Enter Malifaux, the knights had some encouragement but some have gone back to look at the game.


Unpacking is normally a thankless task when moving, but for me I have found stuff I couldn’t remember I had. ¬† After living in a hotel for the first two weeks of being back in Aus, we finally found a house and moved straight in, we didn’t want to stay any more time than necessary…

Adepticon 2015 part 1

Adepticon¬†2015 part 1, I finally have time to sit down and write about my experiences. I finally got to be a con attendee and just spend time walking around talking to people who allow us to experience events like this.   I did a lot over the four days of the con so this is…