This week in gaming.

This week in gaming has been pretty huge. This past week we have seen GW move on from rank and file pitched battles of a Fantasy Genre,  I have finally got all my stuff from the US and have a very messy studio/office setup, Robotech RPG Tactics is asking people if they want the next installment of mini’s out side of the Kickstarter that has not been delivered to be in a different scale, more kickstarters out there, and finally companies are starting to release gencon teasers of stuff being released at Gencon.

My Studio/office setup is almost done, there is a lot of stuff on the floor right now, I am slowly starting to put it away, and as I do this I am working out my next projects.  The first and most pressing is finally getting my Alps printer up and running, it needs Windows XP, lucky for me I have al ot of legacy hardware so I have been slowly in-between getting the container unpacked setting it up.  The Alps printer means I can finally print my own decals on clear decal film with white and other colours.


This is important as I have in the past spent a lot of money on decals and sometimes you can’t find what you are after, so the decal printer is going to be handy for me.  The painting table I have had to order more paint racks from the good people at back 2 Base-ix.


The Acrylic racks are very good, I have them already so I just got more.  I need to fit into my racks more dropper bottles and more P3 paints so this solution you can get different sized holes  when you order, easy to put together, and they have some magnets to hold them in place to each other.

On the painting front I have to start my 54mm painting competition figure, the problem I am now having is that I want some paints that are just impossible to find in Australia, it seems that the Foundry paints just are not here any more, which is going to cause me no end of headaches, as I was hoping to use those paints for both the 54mm piece and the Napoleonic armies I have both in 28mm and 15mm.   So it looks like I will be either spending way to much to have the range sent to me from the UK or go with out.

On to the news of the moment GW has moved on from Rank and file Fantasy battles and moved to something else completely, it looks a little 40Kish without the guns, however that might change with new releases. I am not sure it is a good thing, I think the hard core GW fanboys will be all over it, but for me, I am going to sit and wait, there are enough good skirmish games out there that will keep my interest.  It is a shame because I have 4 Fantasy armies.   This is a big shift for GW the fantasy game has been around for a long time, it will be sad to see it go.

Robotech RPG tactics in the last two updates has asked the punters what scale they would like to see the expanded universe in, as the current range is 6mm scale they are worried that the Masters Saga/Armies of the Southern Cross, New Generation and Shadow Chronicles will be too small in 6mm, it seems the punters are all up in arms there are tears everywhere.  I like some other bloggers are more worried about getting hold of Wave 2. Some bloggers have done the math and think PB are cutting the finance a little fine, one update they blame of not being able to send data to china, again I have thoughts on this, it is not the first time a KS has gone this way and they still don’t learn.

In new Kick stater updates there some more 6mm Scifi products out there, and Bradley Miniatures are looking pretty good, I will watch this one as it goes.  In 28mm Heer46 that make some great WWII 1946 what if models in 15mm are doing an Indiegogo campaign.  This one I am most excited about this one, I know these guys can do this, they have alot of experience in what they are doing, so delivery on time is expected.