Welcome to What could Possibly go wrong!

Welcome to What could possibly go wrong! ,

Let me say that firstly I am a gamer, I enjoy gaming in all periods and scales. I like different rule sets because I just like them.  But I also tend to play what people are playing, I find it pointless to purchase a rule set miniatures and have nobody to play.    I have in recent years moved on from some game systems, finding them a little childish or just plain boring and not capturing my attention like they used to.

For the last two years I have been living in the US, I moved from Melbourne, Aus to San Diego, USA.   The gaming scene here is different finding people heading to stores to play against other people, instead of clubs, however this is not an uncommon idea back in Aus, people are moving to stores as well.  The majority of gaming in the US has been GW’s fantasy or 40K, and I am just not keen on these as I used to be, plus I left everything in storage in Aus.   I enjoy FoW but find that not many people are into that here either, so I have really only played games at Con’s. which means with other commitments it is sometimes 6 to 9 months between games.

In this blog for the common part will be new AAP’s, miniature reviews, normal ramblings of a war-gamer, reports on Cons I have been to and am going to, and mostly a way to keep me motivated to get the next project finished for the next blog entry.   I am also going to look back at my time here in the US and really start to look into the fantastic experiences I have had while I have been here.

What is on the Painting table.

As per what has become the normal for me I have way to much on the table, with not enough time, and things moving around here faster than normal. The end result is that I have taken off the table alot of smaller projects in hope that I can get just one done.

Bolt Action DAK, next post I will have a number of photo’s of my DAK. hopefully finished, or at least finished to a point where I have 1000 points…..

I have been working on this force for some time, well most of the year, so I am hoping that I get it done in time for Cancon.

This past year I had set some goals for my self:

  • 15mm
    • FoW Winter Germans
    • FoW Aussies
    • FoW SS Germans
    • FoW German SS T-34’s for Midwar (did this)
  • 28mm
    • BA DAK
    • Ronin Samurai’s  (This one was completed)
  • 6mm
    • Epic Chaos
    • Battle Tech IS Lance of LAMS (did this as well)
  • 18mm
    • FOG:N French

Yep delusions of grandeur.  Or more to the point I have not had many events this year, and so the biggest I have had was Bane of War IV over MLK weekend and my trip back to Oz where I was meant to play Battle Tech, Ronin, and a FoW Comp @ Boarder in Flames.  After that with out being pushed I have flipped between projects, and not really completed anything.

So come back soon, there will be a new post, I am hoping to do this bi-weekly but then again.. what could possibly go wrong!  Next time I am going to talk about Bane of War, because it was a fantastic comp, and I really wanted to make it next year however it looks unlikely now.