Unpacking is normally a thankless task when moving, but for me I have found stuff I couldn’t remember I had.   After living in a hotel for the first two weeks of being back in Aus, we finally found a house and moved straight in, we didn’t want to stay any more time than necessary in a hotel.  It has just been over a week now since we got everything out of storage, and it is a pretty good feeling to be moved in.

Things I have found when I first looked that made my most happy.

1. Malifaux stuff, so much of it, I don’t remember getting all this stuff.

2. 28mm US Airborne, really wanted to do an airbourne force for Bolt Action, I guess now I have the stuff to do it.

3. Scale Model Kits, quite a few of them, forge all about them, was also great to see them

4. 28mm Spartans.  what is there not to love about spartans.

Things I was not so happy to see.

Some of the painted mini’s did get damaged in the last two and have years, my Forge World Epic thunder hawks have seen some better days, it is going to take some time to get them all sorted.  There are other broken mini’s but nothing I can’t live without.

Once the shipment from the US gets here I will have to get everything out and start to sort it all, there is maybe alot of ebay stuff coming up.  unless by some accident I can fit it all in to this room and then I may not have to sell anything.

While the initial move out of the US and finding a house in Aus have been stressful that is now all behind us and I finally get a chance to relax and play some games, when my gear gets here from the US I then get to start painting again, I have a number of projects I want to start on that front as soon as I can.

Since being back I have seen alot of X-wing being played, seems to be flavor of the month, seems people here really like collectible Mini’s games.  However I have played FoW twice, so very rusty, but it is still a good system, just lacks players here in Melbourne, I will touch on this further shortly.  There has also been some Malifaux being played, I have not yet played 2e so that is something I have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.

We do have a long weekend coming up this coming weekend, I am debating if I travel up to Bendigo for BadgaCon, hosted by Badga (Bendigo and Districts Gaming Association).  I am thinking Flames, but I might do something else.

I mentioned big format games support by stores. Well gamers have massive choice these days, people are walking out of GW games, and X-Wing is pretty massive here in Melbourne.  X-Wing is also pretty easy to cater for it only requires small space, everything is painted, it is a great transition game for those coming out of CCG’s into Mini’s games. So it is easy to cater for.  Normal Mini’s games you need firstly to paint two forces to demo a game, then it requires space, terrain and time, the latter being the hardest to do, I don’t blame the games stores for not wanting to do this, it takes alot of money to do demo games, push ranges and get the sales. The amount of wall space needed to display entire ranges is huge, coming from retail IT, the return per-square meter of blisters is not good, so why invest in it, there are far too many games now for have a store that does it all, but maybe that is what games like Magic, and X-wing will allow gaming stores to get back into, X-wing brings people in the door and seems to have pretty constant turn over, so having something that you know will turn over may allow gaming stores to diversify into other systems, then there is know which systems to get into, people flip flop around them all the time.   I expect over the next few years that retailers will be able do drop-shipping orders from suppliers that would make logistical scene in Australia, and then the over heads are not heaped on two businesses allowing the customer to support the local stores and moving stock in the warehouses, it is possibly already happening I have not asked any of the stores that I know if they are doing this.   The only down side for  a retail store doing this is that they miss out on the point of sale, sales, the impulse buys these make up a huge percentage of sales, but the over heads and like will all be easier for everybody to handle, it will be interesting to watch over the coming months/years what happens.

So I didn’t mention Kingston Kup, well that is cause I am going to do a full write up in the next post, with photo’s and all, those that watch my twitter feed will have seen some images and commentary from Tassie, but the full write up is for next time.