X-Wing is possibly the fastest growing Collectible Miniatures Games I will ever see. I am not a fan of pre-painted collectible miniatures. Thus far I have avoided getting into the game.

Fantasy Flight Games (thanks for the logo too) have done an incredible job with the star wars universe, I am a star wars fan I have watched all the movies, played all the computer games, even have a number of toons in the Star Wars The Old Republic all maxed out of course.  Then there are the miniature games.

This article gets published at slightly after I first walk through the door of my first club meet, after being in the USA for two and a half years. I may not get to play anything tonight but most club members will get a message I have just posted this.

I have not yet played a game of X-Wing, I have seen it, I know what sort of game it is, and until now I have not told anybody that I also bought in.  So why now, firstly IG88’s…. Secondly, cause the guys back in Melbourne are invested in X-wing, I want Armada but the outlay and sending it via ocean freight was just not cool, this is small and I will get a game if I choose to play tonight, doubt that will happen.

So what did I choose…. Scum of course. I love the Viper and IG88’s (A,B,C,D’s) IG 2000.   The fleet I choose to build is still up in the air, but I am collecting all the cards more than once so I have them all. If worst comes to worst and I suck (which I expect to do) I can always keep them like I have my Die cast Slave 1.

I think the game will be a quick time passer for me, I am not that interested in pre-paints and I am really in to some 28mm stuff again, so I am not sure how far I will go, but if they product nice stuff I can repaint cool. Thus my lists are more about getting in a game of something rather than anything competitive.

Welcome to the Random list generator.

Best thing of all as I know nothing of the lists or what works best together, I have seen alot of people flying the same lists, Fat Han for instance, but I think this is more about doing something different.  I have seen and been told that people find one list to play and stick with it, and it becomes the Meta (Meta is just a fancy word for people that play the same list over and over and over again) I could not think of anything more boring that going to an even to play the same list 6+ times, so I want to play something out side the norm, and something that I really don’t have to think about.

Enter the Random Generator, simply click on how many of each pack you have, pick what faction you want lists for and hit the Random button and out pop’s a list.  You can lock the whole thing down or lock parts down and hit the random button again and you get more options.  This is the list I will try out first.

SCUM SQUADRON (100 points)
1 • Cartel Spacer – Ion Torpedoes – Hull Upgrade – “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (24)
2 • Tansarii Point Veteran – Calculation (18)
3 • IG-88B – Seismic Charges – Flechette Cannon – “Mangler” Cannon – IG-2000 (44)
4 • Black Sun Soldier – Inertial Dampeners (14)

Will see what happens, I like the interface, the random options etc this tool gives out it should be fun to play with.

As X-Wing is the flavor of the month at the Monday knights it wont be hard to find a game, it should be interesting, we will see if it can hold my interest.